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A phobia, a type of anxiety disorder, is an irrational fear towards something that poses little or no real danger. People often unconsciously try not to face it and escape or hide from it without finding an outlet. Leaving the comfort zone can cause such a condition. Even temporarily living under “Alien” status has triggered my anxiety. I feel as if I am constantly being observed, monitored, and controlled. Tension, agitation, and lethargy have grown in and overwhelmed me. Then, homesickness has become a part of my everyday life.


In my drawings and collages, I demonstrate fragileness, anguish, uneasiness, void, and loss of peacefulness. Driven by these daunting feelings, I move my hands creating lines of unique images. This action is a natural soother which frees my mind giving power to my hands. I draw over and over again until I reach my ultimate entity and peace of mind. Portraying myself as objects in my artworks is an outlet for my fear. Panic attacks burst in the form of lines. Overfilling the pieces with lines and obsessive details is a sick satisfaction as if I am revenging the circumstances which have dejected me. 

Sogand Tabatabaei


Sogand Tabatabaei /Departure / Collage, marker on paper/23"x26x"/ 2018
Sogand Tabatabaei /Alienated/ Collage, marker on paper/23"x26x"/ 2018
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